Information And Recommendation For Bali Cycling Tour

If you plan to visit or already in Bali, you might look for some ideas to enjoy Bali. Bali is a place where you can’t waste your time other than enjoying the beautiful nature. It offers you various activities while enjoying the exotic Bali. One of the recommended attractions you can try is the Bali cycling tour. There are many places in Bali you can enjoy while cycling.

Bali Cycling Tour Information

Bali Cycling TourCycling is the perfect activities if you are around Ubud Bali. Ubud offers you the magnificent view you can embrace while cycling. There are many tour agent offers you the cycling package. This is an activity you should try as you will get some benefits such as:

Breathtaking View

Basically, there are many places you can enjoy while cycling in Bali. But it is sure that you don’t want to miss the breathtaking view of Ubud. Ubud provides you with an amazing rural view including the rice terraces view. You will be also taken to some historical temple around the village and even climbing the hills.


Cycling around the rural area offers you the remedy for your tiredness after the excitement in the city. The beautiful view offers you refreshment for your body and mind. In addition, who would deny the health benefits of cycling for the physical health? As this cycling activity usually starts in the morning when you can get fresh air and warm sunlight at once.

Closer To Bali Culture

This activity also enables you to closely observe the culture of Bali. It is because you will pass around the village and people of Bali with its tradition. It gives you the different and precious experience of rural living.

Recommendation For A Cycling Tour In Bali

Using a cycling tour company will be a perfect solution for your cycling holiday plan. You’ll get some facilities such as a hotel pick up, the electric-powered bike which enables you to go uphill, and also the local guide who brings you to explore Bali rural village. The service usually costs around 600K rupiahs for a half day. Cycling around Bali is a perfect plan for your body and soul refreshment.


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