Bali Discovery Tour, Explore Great Destinations

Bali Discovery Tour, Explore Great Destinations. Talking about Bali, there are many great destinations for tourist in this island. Every place has different characteristics. Beaches are main destinations of tourist in Bali. After beaches, temples, lake and waterfalls can be other optional. Explore great destinations in Bali without any obstacle. You will discover many things in this island. There are many great destinations for tourist in Bali.

Bali Discovery Tour – Kuta Beach

Bali DiscoveryThe reason why Kuta Beach always be a tourist destination, because this beach nearby airport. Just need several minute from Ngurah Rai Airport to arrive in this beach. Kuta Beach is very popular in the world. The sunset in this place is the best one in Bali. Many tourist come to this beach to enjoy the sunset. You can swim, surf, and play on the sands. The coastline is long enough, so it is good for many tourist.

Tagellalang Rice Terraces

In Ubud Bali, there is a green rice terraces that very beautiful. The rice terrace is Tagellalang terraces. In this place, you can see local Balinese with their activities. Farmers plant the rice and if you lucky, you can help them in their field. There are many small restaurants in here. The small restaurants sell many traditional foods such as Bebek Betutu and Sambal Matah. You can enjoy the the view and enjoy the food. It is a good recommendation for your family.

Ubud Monkey Forest

After enjoy food in Tagellalang Rice Terraces, you can visit Ubud Monkey Forest. This is a green forest with friendly monkeys. Monkeys in here have grey fur and long tail. You can feed them, so do not forget to bring peanut or bananas. All of these monkeys are protected by local people and government. It means you cannot hurt them. Be a wise tourist when you visit Ubud Monkey Forest.

Discover many things in Bali. Then you will understand that Bali is an amazing island in the world. There are many things to do in Bali as the great destination for tourist. Bali Trip.


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