Complete Guide For An Impressive Bali Agung Tour Experience

Complete Guide For An Impressive Bali Agung Tour Experience. Sometime you may ask about what people would like to do when they visit Bali? And most of them may answer that they would like to visit the exotic beach and enjoy the sunset of Bali . But do you know that Bali has the other side of beauty? Besides the  sunset at Bali beaches, you can try chasing sunrise from the top of a mountain. So why don’t you try the Bali Agung tour?

The Location Of Mount Agung

Tour ExperienceMount Agung is the highest mountain at Bali. you can enjoy the impressive sunrise experience.  The mountain is located at Karangasem regency of Bali. The summit can be reached in 3 to 4 hours from  Pasar Agung Temple or about 5 to 7 hours from Besakih Temple.

Recommendation To Enjoy Bali Agung Tour

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunrise from Mount   Agung, you can employ the service from tour agency. There are a lot of tour agents in Bali which offers the best service to go on Bali Agung tour. Here are some of the facilities you can get by employing a tour agent.

Tour Experience Round-Trip

Most of the tour agency offers the round trip package, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation. You’ll be picked from and drop at your hotel.  You just need to pay attention to the departure time based on your hotel area.

Local Guide

The tour agents usually provide you with the local guide for a small group tour.  The small group tour ensures the guide to give optimum attention to the tour members. The guide will lead you through the beautiful view of the mountain until your arrival on the summit.

Trekking equipment

Besides the supervision of the guide, your safety will also be supported by the trekking equipment provided by the agent. The equipment may include the sturdy boots and the other compatible equipment.

That is all about the location and recommendation to go on mount Agung Bali tour. Grab your ticket to Bali soon!


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